The Diamond Gastown
2019—Vancouver, BC

Set inside of one of Gastown’s oldest buildings, The Diamond has been a pillar in Vancouver cocktail culture since it first opened its doors in 2009. To celebrate their 10 year anniversary; Owner, Mark Brand asked Tierney Milne and I to reimagine the 40 ft. entrance staircase and restrooms. Our goal was to entice the patrons with a serine sense of wonderment; leaving behind the cold and utilitarian atmosphere of Gastown, and stepping into a more romantic and whimsical space.

To achieve this, Tierney created a deconstructed wood-cut “diamond” structure, that spans the hallway leading up to a rose-gold custom cut mirror installation. The mirror reflects the patrons as they ascend to the dining space, and reflects the message of the ornamental hand-painted 16 ft. mural opposite to it. It bares the message - “The Pressure Is Good For You”. An homage to the rich history and journey of the Diamond. Designing the washrooms, I took a lot of inspiration from vintage fashion and European decor and ornamentation. Using the detail and charm to interlace with rap lyrics as a nod to Mark's love for hip hop culture. All of these elements set to amplify the romanticism of the historic cocktail bar.

Art Direction: Tierney Milne, Mega McGrath
Production: Courtney Verwold
Floral: Bloom Room, Wild Bunch
Photography: Richard Doromal, Street Dreams Magazine

Art Direction
3 x Hand-Painted Murals
Interior Design
Logo Design
Floral + Lighting Direction
Using Format