Kiss & Tell

2019—Vancouver, BC

Kiss & Tell is a brand new lounge and event space nestled in the heart of Davie Village, Vancouver. I was asked to Creative Direct the entire space, create multiple art installations and assist in the interior design.

For the main entrance and VIP murals, I was influenced by moroccan textiles with colourful twists. The focus was to amplify the romantic tone of the space. The patio features glass windows adorned with floral patterns in copper enamel paint that reflects the warm candlelight.

The creative direction of Kiss & Tell is focused on celebrating love, romanticism, & inclusivity as Davie Village has been considered the heart of Vancouver’s LGBTQ community.

Direction: Mega McGrath

Interior Design: Andrew Racanelli, Mega McGrath

Photography: Richard Doromal, Tom Belding


Creative Direction

Hand Painted Murals

Interior Design


Lighting Direction

Using Format