Draft, DIgital Sketch.


Guildford Town Centre

Surrey, BC 2020

“So the darkness shall be light,

And the stillness the dancing.”

A giant, 60 ft. mural for Guildford Town Centre; utilizing empty retail space as a temporary showcase of artwork.

Artist Statement:

The mural is based on the last two lines from T.S. Eliot’s 1940 poem, East Coker. The poem speaks on being able to find stillness in unsteady times. Learning to accept the uncertainty, as any type of certainty would mean we are certain of the wrong thing. As a culture, we are being asked to sit with ourselves. Many are experiencing stillness for the first time in their lives. “The stillness the dancing” refers to the art of standing still and finding beauty in the present moment, regardless of current circumstances.

The dark to light gradients in the middle panel serves as a metaphor for the halfway point of 2020. July signifies the turning point; from the last six months of darkness and unknowing into the new six months of hope, faith, and clarity.

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